How do I register?

Registration is completely free. Simply click on the REGISTER link above or on the homepage and follow the simple, step-by-step instructions provided on this page. Once registered, you simply log-in with your new registration details.

How do I place an advert?

You must be a registered member of trademan.ky to place an advert. Once you have registered, simply log in or click on the NEW AD link and follow the really simple step-by-step options.

How long will my ad stay live on Trademan?

All ads by default on trademan will be up for 30 days .

How to extend my ad?

Trademan will send email notification 2 days before your ad expire! Simply follow  link from email and ad will be up and running!

Is it really Free to place an advert?

YES, it’s totally free to register and place ad on Trademan.

Dose we need to pay for Real Estate listings?

NO NO ! As we stated in previous question Its Free and Always going to be!

Are you going to call me that i need to pay?

Simple answer to this question is:  No , that’s not going to happen

How do you make money to maintain this website?

Money is generated through Featured and Long Life ads and banners.

Who is Owner of Trademan?

Eyecay Ltd own Trademan.ky.

I can’t find the answer to my question here, what can I do?

Simply Ask Us here:

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Can I Report Scam, Fraud , False Advertising?

Yes, Yes,  every ad on trademan have option for report ! In this we need your help! Every suspicious  ad will permanently deleted from Trademan.ky and trademan will procede with in our Terms & Conditions

How to register on Trademan

Click on tab post an item. A new window will appear. You can login using Facebook, Twitter or Google. Or you can make your account by clicking on Register Now. The new window will appear where you can add your user name and email address. Once you click on register now, you will receive an activation email with your password. You can change password afterwards on your profile settings.


How to place an advertisement

When you login to the Trademan you can post an item from your profile. We will give you an example below with a posting for a car. We would like to sell a car, and this is how the add should look like. Once you choose Auto on a listing type, sub listings will appear. If you want to sell a car, then choose car option from sub listing type menu. Than write down the title for your add which will appear on your add. Make it short but effective, like “Honda Accord for sale”.

Description Tab is for you to describe your car. Write down all the details so you could help customers to get idea about what are you selling.

Condition Tab is showing users if the car is new or used.

Additional Info is the key to your advertisement. The things that you write here will appear on your advertisement and in the search engine.

Manufacturer: it is very important to chose a manufacturer, so that when people input HONDA (for example) in the search engine your car ad will appear.

Year: Make sure to write the year when your car was manufactured. That will help your ad to get a better rank and more people will see it.

Body type: You should choose one body type from the selection that fit your car.

Mileage is also an important tab, because people like to know the mileage of the car. So make sure that you fill that out.

Car Color: this tab is not so important, but it is good for you to have it filled in, because if people are looking to buy a black car and your car is black, your add will appear in search engine.

Car Price: this is very important tab, because people can search all the cars just by the price.

Tags: the tags tab is very helpful if people type honda accord in search box, and if you filled your tag tab with honda accord your car will appear in their search.

Location: you should fill out this tab as well, just so people can get the idea where they would need to go in order to see the car.

Image Upload: Trademan will delete ads that don`t have pictures. The pictures are very important for us as well as for you, because you can sell almost anything much faster this way.

Message to Reviewer: this is a place where you can send us a message, if you have any suggestions or your ad doesn`t fit into any of our categories please let us know. With your help we can make Trademan perfect.

Listing Packages: your advertisement can be free, premium or gold. Free advertisement is always free and it will allow you to post an advertisement. Premium account allows your adds to be first in the search. And premium package makes your advertisements first in the search and on the home page, and it appears before premium adds.

Terms and Conditions – by marking that you have read our terms and conditions you automatically accept our terms and condition.

By submitting a listing your advertisement will be published and reviewed by our moderators.

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